Standlee Forage At Walden Farm & Ranch Supply

Standlee ForageStandlee Forage products are now available at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply!

Walden Farm & Ranch Supply is your 4-Star Dealer of Standlee Forage & Feed Products in Parker County.  Since 1981, Standlee has grown the highest quality sun-cured western forages. Standlee farms produce Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard Grass and Alfalfa Mixed Premium Western Forages in the fertile volcanic soils of Southern Idaho. Standlee Premium Western Forage products are available in different formats including bales, cubes, pellets, chopped, shreds and treats. Stop by Walden FRS in Millsap, Mineral Wells, Weatherford South or Weatherford West and see what all the fuss is about.

What sets a Four Start Dealer apart from the rest? Dealers with the Four Star Dealer emblem carry a wide selection of Standlee Premium Western Forage® products and have received special forage training to better assist customers to find the best products for their animals.

New to Standlee products? Watch the short video and learn more about Standlee Premium Western Forage.

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