Pick Up Your Fresh Peanuts At Walden FRS

fresh raw peanuts

Fresh peanuts have arrived at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply!  Just in-time for holiday baking, fresh raw shelled and in-shell peanuts are here at Walden FRS.  Perfect for peanut brittle, sugar coated peanuts and other holiday treats!  We also carry Fresh Roasted & Salted Peanuts. Stock up now for all your holiday baking. Great stocking stuffer? We think so!

Shelled Raw 
5lb bag is $12.50

In-shell Raw 
2.5 lb bag is $4.99

In-shell Roasted & Salted 
2.5 lb bag is $5.99

As with many raw agricultural food products, it is recommended that raw peanuts should be cooked before consumption. To maintain best eating quality, store then in a cool dry place. For short-term storage (a few days) keep at or below 60 degrees F. For long-term storage, keep at 40 degrees or below. Peanuts may be stored in a tightly closed container in the freezer to maintain freshness for an extended period of time.

Come to Walden Farm & Ranch Supply and pick up your FRESH, raw shelled and in shell peanuts today!

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