NOLO Bait The Organic Solution to Grasshopper Problems

It’s is that time of year.  “I have grasshoppers.  What can I do?”   Grasshoppers will eat just about anything and can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your lawn and pasture. Walden Farm & Ranch has multiple options to fight these little critters.  From a total organic approach with Nolo Bait to commercial spraying of pastures, Walden Farm & Ranch has a solution to your grasshopper problem.

Nolo Bait provides excellent grasshopper and cricket control and is approved for organic production (NOP).  Nolo is a spreadable bait made from flaky wheat bran coated with Nosema locustae. This very easy to apply pathogen is harmless to humans, pet, birds and wildlife. The insect pathogen multiplies in infected grasshoppers and will pass from grasshopper to grasshopper and can remain active for several years.

How it Works: Nolo Bait contains Nosema locustae, a naturally occurring single celled protozoan infects all stages of developing grasshoppers, mole crickets, Mormon and black field crickets. When ingested Nosema locustae creates a disease that is specific to these pests. It will not harm any other living species.

Whether your looking for an organic or synthetic approach to grasshopper control, give us a call today 940.682.4667 or stop by any of our 4 store locations in Weatherford, Millsap, Mineral Wells or Brock.



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