Moore Natural Horse Feed at Walden FRS

moore naturalMoore Natural, A Safe Forage Product horse feed, is now available at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply. We’ve brought in three of the new Moore Natural horse formulas and we think you’re gonna love them. Backed by years of solid research, you won’t find a more nutritious feed out there. Thomas Moore Feeds is partnered with Kentucky Equine Research [KER] in the creation of  their latest feed line, Moore Natural™

Moore Natural Omega Glow is a high-fat stabilized bran conditioning supplement. This supplement is a coll source of energy with reduced starch. Specially formulated with Safe Forage™ Technology and designed to be rich in calories for hard keepers.

Moore Natural High Fat is a balanced feed with varied energy sources providing the perfect fuel for horses undergoing high-intensity exercise. Specially formulated with Safe Forage™ technology and designed for mature horses to promote focus and consistent performance.

Moore Natural™ Growth is a balanced feed with varied energy sources for sound growth and development. Specially formulated with Safe Forage Technology™ and designed with balanced energy sources from highly digestible fiber, carbohydrates and fats specifically for growing horses and broodmares.

Moore Natural™ contains KER Micro-Max™ micronutrients, which are designed to deliver the optimal amount and proper balance of critical vitamins and minerals to each class of horse for breeding, growth, performance and overall health. Stop by Walden Farm & Ranch Supply and talk to our experts about all your equine needs. Try a bag of the new Moore Naturals premium horse feed and you’ll see a difference!


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